Throughout the ExportHelp website we have regularly emphasised that the exporting process is complicated and difficult, and can lead to failure if the exporter does not follow all the steps through carefully. For this reason we outlined in some detail the 21 steps to export success. However, we recognise the important role that export software plays in facilitating the journey to export nirvana. For this reason we highlight those companies that are at the forefront of export software development. Follow the links below to learn more about these companies.

Advanced Customs Solutions: Established in 2001, Advanced Customs Solutions provide the freight industry with independent freight software designed to the specific needs of the industry. Developed in-house, the Advanced Customs Solutions provides a comprehensive tariff book and freight system, which, in turn, provides further sub-components, namely an import clearing system, an export clearing system, a bonded store facility, groupage and break-bulk components, and an invoicing system.

Shipshape: Shipshape is another supplier of popular export software packages that cover all modes of transport, seafreight, airfreight and road freight. There program is windows based and has full EDI capabilities with Customs including the new SAD500. All exports documentation is provided for under this module. They also have Import, Invoicing, Warehousing, Tariff Book and Groupage modules.