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Programme in e-marketing

Programme in e-marketing


Bear these dates in mind when dealing with the following countries:

China 1 Oct
Cyprus 1 Oct
Nigeria 1 Oct
Palau 1 Oct
Tuvalu 1 Oct
Guinea 2 Oct
Germany 3 Oct
Lesotho 4 Oct
Uganda 9 Oct
Fiji 10 Oct
Equatorial Guinea 12 Oct
Spain 12 Oct
Holy See 16 Oct
Niue 19 Oct
Somalia 21 Oct
Zambia 24 Oct
Kazakhstan 25 Oct
Austria 26 Oct
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 27 Oct
Turkmenistan 27 Oct
Czech Rep 28 Oct
Turkey 29 Oct

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Steps to exporting

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Learning to export... The export process in 21 easy steps
Step 1: Considering exporting
Step 2:Current business viability
Step 3:Export readiness
Step 4:Broad mission statement and initial budget
Step 5:Confirming management's commitment to exports
Step 6: Undertaking an initial SWOT analysis of the firm
Step 7:Selecting and researching potential countries abroad
Step 8: Preparing and implementing your export plan
Step 9: Obtaining financing for your exports
Step 10: Managing your export risk
Step 11: Promoting the firm and its products abroad
Step 12: Negotiating and quoting in exports
Step 13: Revising your export costings and price
Step 14: Obtaining the export order
Step 15: Producing the goods
Step 16: Handling the export logistics
Step 17: Export documentation
Step 18: Providing follow-up support
Step 19: Getting paid
Step 20: Reviewing and improving the export process
Step 21: Export management
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