The list of acronyms has been arranged alphabetically for your convenience.

ACP African, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries
ACTPN Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
AD Antidumping
A/D After Date
ADB Asian Development Bank
A/DS Agent Distributor Service, U.S. Department of Commerce
AD VAL Ad Valorem Tariff Rate
AGOA African Growth and Opportunity Act
AECA Arms Export Control Act
AFDB African Development Bank
AFDF African Development Fund
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area
AIT American Institute in Taiwan
APCAC Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
AoA Agreement on Agriculture
APTA Automotive Products Trade Act
A/S After Sight
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ATA Admission Temporaire (temporary admission)
ATAC(s) Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee(s)
ATC Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
ATCA Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft
ATPA Andean Trade Preference Act
AUI ASEAN-United States Initiative
AusAID Australian Agency for International Development
AVE Ad Valorem Equivalent
B2B Business to business
B2C Business to consumer
BAR Buy American Restrictions
BC (B/C) Bill(s) for Collection
BDV Brussels Definition of Value
BE (B/E) Bill(s) of Exchange
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
BFC Business Facilitation Center, U.S. Department of Commerce
BIA Best Information Available
BIMP-EAGA Brunei,Indonesia, Malaysia,the Philippines East-ASEAN Growth Area
BIRPI United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BISNET Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States, U.S. Department of Commerce
BIT Bilateral Investment Treaty
B/L Bill of Lading
BR Bill(s) Receivable
BNC Bi-national Commission
BOND Business Outreach to New Democracies (program)
BOP Balance of Payments
BOT Balance of Trade
BOT Build, Own, Transfer
BPM Balance of Payments Manual (IMF)
BSEC Black Sea Economic Cooperation
BSP Business Sponsored
BSP Between-show Promotion
BTN Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
BXA Bureau of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
C&F Cost and Freight (Incoterm)
C&I Cost and Insurance
CACM Central American Common Market
CAD Cash against documents
CADIC Comparative Analysis of Domestic Industry’s Condition
CAFC Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
CAFTA Central American Free Trade Agreement
CAIP Community Adjustment Investment Program
CAP Common Agricultural Policy (EU)
CAP Country Action Plan
Capra-TFOC Capra-Trade Facilitation Office Canada
CARIBCAN Canadian-Caribbean Basin Initiative
CARICOM Caribbean Common Market
CAS Country Assistance Strategy (World Bank)
CBERA Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
CBI Caribbean Basin Initiative
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CCC Customs Cooperation Council
CCCN Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature
CCL Commerce Control List (formerly Commodity Control List)
CCNAA Coordination Council for North American Affairs (Taiwan)
CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
CEA Chinese Economic Area
CEA Council of Economic Advisers
CEMCA Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa
CEP Constructed Export Price
CEPGL Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries
CEPT Common effective preferential tariff
CER Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations
CET Common External Tariff
CFIUS Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States
CFR Cost and Freight (Incoterm)
CFTA United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement
CG Consultative Group
CG-18 Consultative Group of Eighteen (GATT)
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CIA Cash in advance
CIF Cost, Insurance, and Freight (Incoterm)
CIF & C Cost, Insurance, and Freight and Commission
CIL (CiL) Clean Import Loan
CIME Committee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises (OECD)
CIMS Commercial Information Management System, U.S. Department of Commerce
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid (Incoterm)
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CIT United States Court of International Trade
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITA Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Corporation
CITT Canadian International Trade Tribunal
CIV Customs Import Value
CMP Country Marketing Plan
CN Combined Nomenclature
CNUSA Commercial News USA, U.S. Department of Commerce
COCOM Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (NATO)
CODE Committee on Development Effectiveness
CODEX Codex Alimentarius Commission
COE Council of Europe
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (formerly a PTA)
COI (CoI) Certificate of Inspection
COM (CoM) Certificate of Manufacture
COP Cost of Production
CP Contracting Party
CPE Centrally Planned Economy
CPT Carriage Paid to (Incoterm)
CSCE Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CT Countertrade
CTA Committee on Trade in Agriculture (GATT)
CTF Certified Trade Fair, U.S. Department of Commerce
CV Constructed Value
CVD Countervailing Duty
CWO Cash with order
CXT Common External Tariff
DA (D/A) Documents against Acceptance
DAC Development Assistance Committee (OECD)
DAF Delivered at Frontier (Incoterm)
DAV Domestic Added Value
DC (D/C) Documentary Credits
DDP Delivered Duty Paid (Incoterm)
DD (D/D) Date Draft
DD (D/D) Demand Draft
DD (D/D) Documentary Draft
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid (Incoterm)
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (Incoterm)
DES Delivered Ex Ship (Incoterm)
DF Duty Free
DGF Development Grant Facility (World Bank)
DISC Domestic International Sales Corporation
DOC United States Department of Commerce
DP (D/P) Documents against Payments
DPC Deferred Payment Credit
DR-CAFTA Dominican Republic – Central American Free Trade Agreement
DRS Debtor Reporting System
DS Dispute Settlement
DSU Dispute Settlement Understanding (i.e., WTO Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes)
DTIS Diagnostic Trade Integration Study
DTI Department of Trade and Industry (thedti)
EAA Export Administration Act (United States)
EAEC East Asia Economic Caucus
EAI Enterprise for the Americas Initiative
EAPC Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
EAR Export Administration Regulations (United States)
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EC European Community
ECA Economic Cooperation Administration
ECB European Central Bank
ECCAS Economic Community of Central African States
ECCN Export Control Classification Number
ECDC Economic Cooperation Among Developing Countries
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECGF Export Credit Guarantee Facility
ECO Economic Cooperation Organisation
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECS Échantillons Commerciaux (commercial samples)
ECS European Cooperation System
ECSB European System of Central Banks
ECSC European Coal and Steel Community
ECU European Currency Unit
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EEA European Economic Area
EEC European Economic Community
EEP Export Enhancement Program (United States)
EFF Commonwealth’s Exporting for the Future Program
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EIB European Investment Bank
EITCA United States-Soviet Union Agreement to Facilitate Economic, Industrial, and Technical Cooperation
EMS European Monetary System
EMU European Monetary Unit
EP Export Price
EPC Economic Policy Council (United States)
EPC European Patent Convention
EPZ Export Processing Zone
ER Export Restraint
ERM Exchange Rate Mechanism
ERP European Recovery Program
ESA European Space Agency
ESAF Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESCWA Economic and Social Commission for Western Africa
ESCB European System of Central Banks
ESP Exporter’s Sales Price
ESW Economic and Sector Work (World Bank)
ETC Export Trading Company
ETO Electronic Trade Opportunity
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EU European Union
excl. Excluding
Ex From
EXW Ex-works (Incoterm)
EX-IM BANK Export-Import Bank of the United States
FA Facts Available
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
FARA Foreign Agents Registration Act
FAS Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
FAS Free Alongside Ship (Incoterm)
FBP Foreign Bill Purchased
FCA Free Carrier (Incoterm)
FCIA Foreign Credit Insurance Association (United States)
FCL Full Container Load
FCN Freedom, Commerce, and Navigation Treaty
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office (United Kingdom)
FCPA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (United States)
FC&S Free Of Capture And Seizure
FCS Foreign Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FDIUS Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
FER Foreign Economic Representative
FF (F/F) Freight Forwarder
FI Free in
FICA Federal Insurance Corporation of America
FIFO First-in, First-out
FISC Foreign International Sales Corporation
FIRST Financial Sector Reform and Strengthening Initiative
FMC Federal Maritime Commission (United States)
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FMSCR Foreign Military Sales Credit
FMV Foreign Market Value
FO Free out
FOB Free on Board (Incoterm)
FOFI Foreign First
FOGS Functioning of the GATT System
FOR Free on Rail (Incoterm)
FOREX Foreign Exchange
FOT Free on Truck (Incoterm)
FR Federal Register (United States)
FROB Foreign Cargo Remaining on Board
FSAP Financial Sector Assessment Program
FSC Foreign Sales Corporation
FTA Free Trade Area
FTA Free Trade Agreement
FTAA Free Trade Area of the Americas
FTC Federal Trade Commission (United States)
FTZ Foreign Trade Zone
FTZ-BOARD Federal Trade Zone Board
FTZ-SZ FTZ-Subzone
FV Fair Value
FX Foreign Exchange Service
FY Fiscal Year
G-5 Group of Five (the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom)
G-7 Group of Seven (the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada)
G-8 Group of Eight (the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdon, Canada, and Russia)
G-77 Group of Seventy-seven [all countries within UNCTAD Groups “A” (African and Asian countries, with the exception of Israel and South Africa) and “C” (Latin America) – now comprising more than 120 developing countries]
GAB General Agreement to Borrow
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATT 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, as revised in 1994, which is part of the WTO Agreements. GATT 1994 includes the original General Agreement, which is known as GATT 1947.
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GEC Global Electronic Commerce
GEF Global Environmental Facility
GFCF Gross Fixed Capital Formation
GII Global Information Infrastructure
GLV General License, Limited Value
GNG Group of Negotiations on Goods
GNP Gross National Product
GNP Government Procurement
GNS Group of Negotiations on Services
GP Global Program
GPA WTO Agreement on Government Procurement
GPG Global Public Good
GP-ZONE General Purpose Free Trade Zone
GSP Generalized System of Preferences
GSTP Global System of Trade Preferences
GTPNet Global Trade Point Network
HIPC Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
HM Home Market
HS Harmonized System (e.g. HS codes)
HTS Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTSUS Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
IA Import Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
IADB (or IDB) Inter-American Development Bank
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAWG Inter-Agency Working Group
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
IC Industry Committee of the OECD
ICA International Coffee Agreement
ICA International Cocoa Agreement
ICA International Commodity Agreement
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICB International Competitive Bidding
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICITO Interim Commission of the International Trade Organization
ICO International Coffee Organization
ICSID International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes
IDA International Development Association
IDB (or IADB) Inter-American Development Bank
IEA International Energy Agency
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEPA International Emergency Economic Powers Act
IESC International Executive Service Corps
IF Integrated Framework
IFTRTA Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance
IFTF Integrated Framework Trust Fund
IFWG Integrated Framework Working Group
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFI International Finance Institution
IIC Inter-American Investment Corporation
IIPA International Intellectual Property Alliance
ILO International Labor Organization
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMO International Maritime Organization
INCOTERMS International Commercial Terms
INR Initial Negotiating Right
INRA International Natural Rubber Agreement
INRO International Natural Rubber Organization
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
IOR-ARC Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation
IOS International Organization for Standardization
IP Intellectual property
IPAC Industry Policy Advisory Committee (United States)
IPC Integrated Program for Commodities
IPR Intellectual property rights
IR Integrated Response
ISA International Sugar Agreement
ISAC Industry Sector Advisory Committee (United States)
ISO International Standards Organization
ITA International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
ITA International Tin Agreement
ITA Information Technology Agreement
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITC International Trade Commission (United States)
ITC International Trade Center, UNCTAD/WTO
ITO International Trade Organization
ITU International Telecommunication Union
JCCT United States-Mexico Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
JCP Japan Corporate Program
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization
JITAP Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme
K.D. Knocked Down
KTOE Kilotons of Oil Equivalent
LAIA/ALADI Latin American Integration Association
LAFTA Latin America Free Trade Area
LAI Loan Against Imports
LASU Large Aircraft Sector Understanding
LC (L/C) Letter of Credit
LCL Less-than full Container Load
LDC Less Developed Country
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LOI Letter of Interest
LOT Level of Trade Adjustment
LTA Long-Term Agreement on International Trade in Cotton Textiles
LTL Less Than Load (Shipment)
LTFV Less Than Fair Value
MAC Market Access and Compliance Unit, U.S. Department of Commerce
MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment
MDB Multilateral development bank
MDG Millennium Development Goal(s)
MEAs Multilateral Environmental Agreements
MERCOSUR Mercado Común del Sur (Southern Common Market)
MFA Multi-Fiber Arrangement
MFN Most-Favored Nation
MIF Multilateral Investment Fund
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
MNA Middle East and North Africa Region (World Bank)
MNC Multinational Corporation
MOFERT Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (People’s Republic of China)
MOSS Market-oriented sector-specific negotiation process (United States-Japan)
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPT Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement
MRU Mano River Union
MSA t Multilateral Steel Agreemen
MSG Melanesia Spearhead Group
MT Metric Ton
MTN Multilateral Trade Negotiations
MTO Multilateral Trade Organization
MTS Multilateral Trading System
NA Needs Assessment
NADBANK North American Development Bank
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
n.e.s. Not elsewhere specified
NGO Non-Government Organisation
NIE Newly Industrialised Economies
NME Non-market Economy
NP Nairobi Protocol
NPF Non-privileged Foreign
NPISHs Non-profit Institutions Serving Households
NSC National Security Council (United States)
NTB Non-Tariff Barrier
NTDB National Trade Data Bank (United States)
NTE New to Export
NTE National Trade Estimates Report
NTM New to Market
NTM Nontariff Measure
NV Normal Value
NVOCC Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
OA (O/A) Open Account
OA Official Aid
OAS Organization of American States
ODA Official Development Assistance
OE Oil Equivalent
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECS Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
OED Operations Evaluation Department (World Bank)
OEEC Organization for European Economic Cooperation
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of the Treasury
OMA Orderly Marketing Agreement
OOF Other official flows
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation (United States)
OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
PCG Policy Coordinating Group
PEC President’s Export Council (United States)
PEFCO Private Export Funding Corporation
PFC Priority Foreign Country
PL Public Law
PL 480 Public Law 480, Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act (“Food For Peace”) (United States)
POI Period of Investigation
POR Period of Review
PPA Protocol of Provisional Application
PRC People’s Republic of China
PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (World Bank)
PSI Pre-shipment Inspection
PTA Preferential Trade Agreement
PUDD Potential Uncollected Dumping Duty
PWL Priority Watch List
QAG Quality Assurance Group
QR Quantitative Restriction
QUAD Quad countries (Canada, EU, Japan and the US)
R&D Research and Development
RBP Restrictive Business Practice
RFQ Request for Quote
RO-RO Roll On-Roll Off
RTA Regional Trade Agreement
SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADC Southern African Development Community
SAP Structural Adjust Program
SAR Special Administrative Region
SARS South African Revenue Services
SC Steering Committee
SCM Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
SD (S/D) Sight Draft
SDR Special Drawing Rights
SECOFI Secretar de Comercio y Fomento Industrial (Mexico)
SED Shipper’s Export Declaration
SG Shippers Guarantee
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SII Structural Impediments Initiative (United States-Japan)
SIMIS Single Internal Market Information Systems
SIMS Single Internal Market Service
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
SNPA Substantial New Program of Action
SPS Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Measures
SR&CC Strikes, Riots And Civil Commotions
SSA Sub-Saharan Africa
STC Security Trade Control
STE State Trading Enterprise
STR Special Representative for Trade Negotiations
TA Technical Assistance
TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance (United States)
TABD Transatlantic Business Dialogue
TARIC Integrated Tariff of the European Communities
TBT Technical Barriers to Trade
TCC Trade Compliance Center, U.S. Department of Commerce
TCMD Third Country Meat Directive
TD (T/D) Time Draft
TD Trade Development (U.S. Department of Commerce)
TDP Trade and Development Program
TEC Tariff Exterieur Commun (Common External Tariff)
TEP Transatlantic Economic Partnership
TETA Transport Education Training Authority
TEU Treaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty)
TFYR The Former Yugoslav Republic (of Macedonia)
TNC Trade Negotiations Committee
TNC Transnational Corporation
TPA Trade Promotion Authority
TPC Trade Policy Committee (United States)
TPES Total Primary Energy Supply
TPM Trigger-Price Mechanism
TPO Trade Promotion Organisation
TPRG Trade Policy Review Group (United States)
TPRM Trade Policy Review Mechanism
TPSC Trade Policy Staff Committee (United States)
TPSC Trade Policy Subcommittee (United States)
TRIMS Trade-Related Investment Measures
TRIPS Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TSB Textile Surveillance Body
TSI Trade Support Institution
TSUS Tariff Schedule of the United States
TVA Value-Added Tax (Taxe à la Valeur Ajoutée)
TWA Trade-Weighted Average
TWEA Trading With the Enemy Act
UDEAC Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (now CEMAC)
UEMOA West African Economic and Monetary Union
UIN Unique Identifier Number
ULCC Ultra large crude carrier
UMA Arab Maghreb Union
UN United Nations
UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNCTC United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations
UN/DESA/SD United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistics Division
UNDP United Nations Development Program
UNEP United Nations Environment Program
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
UNICEF United Nations Children Fund
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UK United Kingdom
UR Uruguay Round
URAA Uruguay Round Agreements Act
USAID U.S. Agency for International Development
USF&CS United States Foreign and Commercial Service
US United States
USA United States of America
USC United States Code
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDOC United States Department of Commerce
USEC United States Mission to European Communities
USITC United States International Trade Commission
USOECD United States Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
USP United States Price
US-SACU FTA US-Southern African Customs Union Free Trade Area
USTR United States Trade Representative, or Office of the United States Trade Representative
USTTA United States Travel and Tourism Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
USUN United States Mission to the United Nations
VAR Value-Added Reseller
VAT Value-Added Tax
VER Voluntary Export Restraint
VL Variable Levy
VLCC Very large crude carrier
VPU Vice-Presidential unit
VRA Voluntary Restraint Agreement